Drugstore makeup, while it does save the bank, tends to be a hit or miss venture. However, there are a few jems hidden amidst the rocks. These two products I’ve just tried recently, have made such a difference in my daily routine that I had to share them with you. And they’re both available from a local drugstore for under $10!

First off, Milani Baked Blush in shade Luminoso

Drugstore Makeup

I find myself reaching for this blush over and over. It is a gorgeous peachy pink, that looks amazing on so many skin tones. It also has a ton of pigmentation and is super easy to blend. Luminoso has a little bit of shimmer (figures, right?) that brightens dull skin and it last all day!

Now there are a lot of blushes that are this great: Tarte’s, Nars’, or Benefit’s blushes just to name a few, but not many of them can boast a $6.39 price tag (on amazon.com). You can also get it at your local CVS, but it is a little more expensive.

Drugstore Makeup

This is definitely a contender for my top ten favorite products of 2018.

If you need help appling your blush, check out my guide to applying blush according to your face shape here.

Next up, ELF Shape and Stay eyebrow wax pencil

Drugstore Makeup


I wasn’t thrilled with this eyebrow wax from ELF when I first tried it, but after wearing it for a few days I noticed I wasn’t constantly checking to make sure my eyebrows were still set. Better yet, I didn’t have to stop myself from scratching my brows anymore, because, unlike many brow gels this stuff doesn’t irritate my skin. Also, I like that the finish isn’t crusty or shiny as gels can sometimes be. This wax goes on completely clear, and can manage the unruliest of brows, while staying workable.

I usually like to apply this with a clean spoolie, but if your brows are unmanageable, or you’re short on time, you can apply it straight on top of your pencil, powder, or pomade to set your brows. You can buy this at Walmart or at target.com for $1.99.

Drugstore Makeup

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